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local author pool

Warwickshire Local Author Pool 2022

We are delighted to offer schools in Warwickshire information about a range of local authors and storytellers who are experienced in running sessions in schools. The authors have been approached by us to be included, based on our experience of working with them in the past in our public libraries and with schools. The information given is designed to enable schools to work directly with an author to arrange sessions to suit their needs.

Information is given in a standard format to help schools decide who might be most suited, and the author’s preferred direct contact details are given. Where the author has a website the link is also given and you can find out more from that. Most are published authors, a few are professional storytellers, but all offer rich experiences to school students to help enhance their understanding of the written word and the world of books.

young girl readingPlease note the following which clarifies our role in this process.
Warwickshire SLS is pleased to suggest local authors and storytellers to run sessions in schools.
All included authors are known to us and are endorsed by us as reliable and competent for the task.
Schools make their own arrangements directly with the authors to come into their school and must pay the author’s fee and expenses as outlined in the information about individual authors.
All arrangements must be confirmed directly with the author.

Warwickshire SLS:
does not receive any pecuniary reward for running this pool.
cannot enter into any negotiations for these authors to come into individual schools.
will seek to ensure information about the authors is up-to-date.
welcomes feedback from schools and authors on any aspect of the process in order to ensure it is as useful as possible for schools and for the authors themselves.