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Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Storytelling and Drawing Events with Kate's Storytree

We are pleased to be working alongside local storyteller Kate Coleman for these session. Kate has successfully created The Story Tree and travels across the county and beyond to pass on her love of storytelling, literature and words. Her enthusiasm is infectious! You can fin more about Kate here.

Positive experiences with storytelling, words and pictures will naturally introduce your pupils to a wide variety of vocabulary and ideas, encourage their listening skills and feed their imagination! All key for pupils as they begin to develop their own love of reading and understanding of writing. 

Session Details:

‘Children the world over delight in stories and start shaping their own pretend worlds as toddlers. Story is so central to the lives of young children that it comes close to defining their existence.’ Jonathan Gottschall, The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human

Each year a group of children’s books are selected and listed for The Carnegie and The Greenaway Award. But what is the award? What does it mean to win? Who decides which is the best book? In this workshop we will be exploring why stories are important and what it is that makes a good story.  We will explore the marriage between the written word and illustration and look at how the award process develops. The children decide what it is that they love and hate about the books on the award and are then invited to become writers and illustrators of their own short story. Inspiring and empowering the children to create their own books, the session will end with them being the judges for their own school version of the award.
Session Overview
*What it is be a writer/illustrator (are words more important? No! Illustrations are! Book is nothing with out pictures .... but could the pictures exist without the words?    No! Words are most important .... discussion!) 
*Look at/Discuss the books on the award list
*Discuss what we like/dislike about the books/stories
*Create own books (collage/consequences game)
*Mock award process/ceremony
Aims of the session
*To think about/discuss why story is important to us and what it is we love about them
*Empower the children to write their own stories and illustrate/collage them
*Develop critical thinking through exploring and discussing the award process and judging their own and their peers’ stories
*Explore self-expression through thinking about likes and dislikes and creating their own book 
*Cross-curricular exploration of Literacy and Art

£150 for an hour session (morning or afternoon)
£175 for a morning or afternoon session (comprising of two x 1 hour sessions)
£250 for a full day (2 x 1 hour morning sessions and 1 in the afternoon)

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