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September 2020

Book Awards

Warwickshire Year 9 Book Award 2020- THE SHORTLIST

We had another fantastic longlist of books for the W9BA book award this year and we would like to thank all the longlisted authors for their support. Students from across Warwickshire have been taking part in 'Speed Shortlisting' events at their schools. We are delighted to reveal that they have chosen the following shortlist:

    Summerland by Lucy Adlington 

    Bearmouth by Liz Hyder  

    That Asian Kid by Savita Kalhan  

    Run Rebel by Manjeet Mann 

Students will now read the 4 shortlisted books and vote for their favourite in early December 2020.

If you would like more information about our book awards or any information about our service, please get in touch at schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk 

Warwickshire Junior Book Award 2020: Digital Award Ceremony

We are delighted to welcome you to our Digital Award Ceremony. Pupils from across Warwickshire have been reading the 4 shortlisted books and have voted for their favourite. 

We are really sorry that we were not able to meet you all in person this year but we hope you enjoy watching this Digital Award Ceremony that we have created, with support from the authors, especially for you! Congratulations to all the authors for being shortlisted for the WJBA this year.

To find out more about our WJBA Award click here.

Who was your favourite and have they won?

Watch this lovely video and find out.....

(Please ensure children are supervised when watching YouTube)

Remember that you can also follow us on Twitter @WarwickshireSLS  We have been using #WJBA20 throughout the awards.
If you have any questions or you would like to find out more about our Awards and what we do, please get in touch with us by email: schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk

Warwickshire Junior Book Awards 2020

Welcome to the Digital Warwickshire Junior Book Award 2020! wjba20 poster

Our Warwickshire Junior Book Award began on Monday 27th April and has run for 10 weeks. Participating schools have been able to access weekly resources including exclusive videos from the shortlisted authors, competitions, quizzes, puzzles and opportunities for creative writing and drawing. We also worked with the publishers, authors and Warwickshire Libraries to ensure that pupils had as much as access to the books as possible. The shortlisted books are:

    - Swimming Against the Storm by Jess Butterworth
    - Runaway Robot by Frank Cottrell-Boyce
    - Wildspark by Vashti Hardy
    - D-Day Dog by Tom Palmer

Our Junior Book Award usually ends with a final award ceremony at the Bridgehouse Theatre in Warwick, where we bring together all the pupils and authors for a wonderful celebration. Sadly, due to Covid 19, this was not possible this year. However, pupils have now voted for their favourite and we shared the results exclusively with participating schools at our Digital Book Award Ceremony on Wednesday 8th July.

This includes videos from all the shortlisted authors answering some of the pupils' questions, including what has been the nicest and maddest things they have done during Lockdown! We shared this more widely on Friday 10th July. 

We hope that this Award has provided some comfort to pupils during these challenging times and inspired them to continue reading, writing and drawing for pleasure, which supports their learning and well-being.

Who will win? Warwickshire pupils have decided....

Thank you to all the pupils that have taken part and to their teachers and families for supporting them. Thank you to the authors and publishers for supporting WJBA 20 and congratulations to you all for being shortlisted. Thank you also to Warwick Books for sponsoring our Award and to the Bridgehouse Theatre at Warwick School who would have hosted our final event.

Digital Award Ceremony Video

(Please ensure children are supervised when watching YouTube)

We also thought you might like to watch these lovely introductory videos that we shared with WJBA schools in Week 1 from all the shortlisted authors, talking about their books and what inspired them...

Jess Butterworth author of 'Swimming Against The Storm'
Frank Cottrell-Boyce author of Runaway Robot
Vashti Hardy author of Wildspark
Tom Palmer author of D-Day Dog

If you want to find out more about the shortlisted books, you can watch these book talks from Warwickshire Schools Library Service staff members. Usually we love coming to visit you in your schools but that wasn't possible this year so we made these videos especially for you instead!

(Please ensure children are supervised when watching YouTube)

D-Day Dog: Book talk with Stella Thebridge, WSLS Manager

Runaway Robot: Book talk with Nigel
Wildspark: Book talk with Hannah
Swimming Against The Storm: Book talk with Angela
Remember that you can also follow us on Twitter @WarwickshireSLS  We have been using #WJBA20 throughout the awards.
If you have any questions or you would like to find out more about our Awards and what we do, please get in touch with us by email: schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk

WJBA20: if you loved the WJBA shortlist then you may like to try.....

(Click on the image to download a PDF)

Our Warwickshire Book Awards!

We are very proud of our three Warwickshire Book Awards, which we run annually. Our trained and experienced library team carefully select the shortlisted books. Pupils/students read these books and vote for their favourite. The winner is decided solely by them and we think this makes our Awards really special! Schools from across Warwickshire take part and are invited to the Final Award Ceremony for two of the Awards (WJBA and WSBA), where we invite the  shortlisted authors to attend. This is always a lovely event and a fantastic celebration of reading that we hope inspires young people across Warwickshire.

The Awards are aimed at the following year groups:

  • Warwickshire Junior Book Award (WJBA): Years 5/6 (Summer Term)
  • Warwickshire Secondary Book Award (WSBA): Years 7/8 (Spring Term)
  • Warwickshire Year 9 Book Award (W9BA): Year 9 (Autumn Term)

book award summary

If you would like more information about them, please get in touch with us at: schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk

Warwickshire Secondary Book Award 2020 Digital Award Ceremony!

We are very pleased to announce that our Warwickshire Secondary Book Award Digital Final Ceremony will begin on Monday 30th March 2020.

Students from 18 schools across Warwickshire have taken part in the Award this year and voted for their favourite book, from a shortlist of 6 fantastic books published in the last year.

We are delighted to be able to bring this to you online. We were hugely disappointed to have to cancel the ceremony and we know the students were too. Every day this week we will be releasing a video from one of the shortlisted authors for you to enjoy. Please use the links we send you to join in!

Day one
Day two
Day three
Day four

Day five - your winner announced!
Winning competition entries - We had some fabulous entries so thank you to all those who entered.

Finally, thank you very much to all the wonderful students, librarians, teachers and authors for supporting this event (and supporting us!)
Thank you as always to Warwick Books for ensuring that students were able to receive their pre-ordered books and for supporting us all.

Warwickshire Secondary Books Awards 2020

The Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards will be fifteen this year and is as popular as ever with students. We are busy reading the longlist at the moment, ready for our shortlisting meeting in early November. We love them all for many reasons and part of the criteria for the secondary book awards is that the books must be ‘a really good read that I would recommend to others’.

Do let us know if you have any favourites on the list below:WSBA LonglistYou can get in touch via email here: schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk  

Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards - Shortlist Announced!

We are really pleased to announce the shortlist for this years Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards!
If you would like more information on how to take part in the awards please get in touch with us at:schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk 

WSBA2020 poster

Warwickshire Year Nine Book Awards - Winner Announced!

We are really pleased to announce that the winner of the Warwickshire Year Nine Book Awards 2019 is The Truth About Lies by Tracey Darnton.The Truth About Lies W9BA Winner It was a very close vote with several favourites on the shortlist, we certainly enjoyed reading them all here at WSLS!
All of the books long-listed for this awards are shortlisted by the students participating within the awards, they then vote again on their overall winners after having a chance to read them fully and discuss. 

We are already reading books ready for the year nine awards next year and hope you will be able to join us on our reading adventures!

If you would like to know more about the book awards that we run please get in touch with us at: schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk 

Warwickshire Year Nine Book Awards 2019

Students are currently busy reading the 4 shortlisted books that they chose for this years Warwickshire Year 9 Book Award.


The team at WSLS carefully selected a longlist of 10 books, which are 10 of the most exciting books published in the past year. Students across Warwickshire took part in longlist speed dating events where they chose the final 4 shortlisted books.

We hope that they will inspire, challenge and leave a lasting impression on readers. Students also have the opportunity to take part in competitions alongside the Award, giving them opportunities to be creative and champion their favourite book!

Students across Warwickshire will vote for their favourite at the beginning of December and their votes alone will decide the WINNER!

If you would like more information please contact us here: schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk