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Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards 2020

Day 1: Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards Digital Awards Ceremony!

Welcome! We are really pleased to still be able to bring you some exciting links and videos from the authors that have been shortlisted for the WSBA 2020. Each day we will upload new content for you to have a look at, which will highlighting the 6 books that we have on the shortlist

Today we have a video from Stella Thebridge, the manager of Warwickshire Schools Library Service with an introduction and welcome to the awards:

Emily Barr is the author of The Girl Who Came Out of The Woods and she has sent us this video to share with you.
If you are interested in reading any of the shortlisted books, please do get in touch with Warwick Books who will be able to help you. You might also find the Warwickshire Public Libraries eBook catalogue very useful, particularly Borrowbox.

Day 2: Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards Digital Ceremony!

Each day we aim to focus on the shortlisted titles for the Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards 2020, building up to eventually revealing the winner of the awards on Friday. We love the fact that students shadowing the awards really do choose and vote for their overall winner! 

Today we are sharing a video from Siobhan Curham, the author of 'Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow': 

Warwick Books support us by sponsoring all of our books awards, do get in touch if you would like to read anything as they are some of the most helpful booksellers we know! You might also find the Warwickshire Public Libraries eBook catalogue very useful, particularly Borrowbox.

Day 3: Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards Digital Awards Ceremony!

Today, we are very pleased to share with you a video from Carnegie Medal Winning author, Tanya Landman (and her beautiful cat!) Set in America in the late 19th century, this work of fiction was inspired by the real-life story of Annie Oakley, a sharpshooter who was the highest paid performer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. This book instantly draws you into the setting and plight of the main character, Maggie. She encounters cruelty and abuse in a society whereby a woman's role was largely confined to marriage and motherhood. Maggie's warmth and resilience shines through in this coming of age novel.

If you are running out of things to read or you want some ideas or recommendations, please do get in touch with Warwick Books who will be able to help you. You can also browse the Warwickshire Public Libraries eBook catalogue and check out Borrowbox which enables you to download books onto your phone, computer, eReader or tablet.
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Day 4: Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards Digital Awards Ceremony!

We are very pleased to be able to share two videos with you today!

The first is from William Sutcliffe, author of ‘The Gifted, the Talented and Me.’ This book tells the story of ‘average’ Sam, who moves to a new house and has to start a new school for the ‘Gifted and Talented’ in London.  There are some very funny and relatable characters in this book, and it is the perfect antidote if you need some laughs in these difficult times.

The second video is from Lisa Williamson. Her book, ‘Paper Avalanche’, was nominated for the CILIP 2020 Carnegie Medal Longlist. This book follows the story of Ro Snow, who has a rather sad and lonely existence as she is so scared of people finding out that her mother has difficulties with hoarding and functioning. However, Tanvi Shah returns to school and is determined to befriend Ro. This book shows how the power of kindness and friendship can help overcome fear and isolation.

If you are looking for more to read, please do get in touch with Warwick Books who may be able to help you. They are currently selling book bundles that may be of interest to you! You might also find the Warwickshire Public Libraries eBook catalogue very useful, particularly Borrowbox.

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Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards - Competitions!

Thank you to all those students who entered our competitions. We had so many wonderful entries that it was really hard to choose.  Your certificates will be sent to your Librarians/teachers digitally and we will send your prizes to your schools as soon as they re-open.

Competition 1: We had two winners in this category as we felt they were both very worthy winners. Congratulations to Gracie from Kings High School, with an impressive record player sculpture inspired by ‘Don’t Thinking About Tomorrow’ and Lucy from Kineton High School for her vibrant picture of the fire scene in ‘Mud’. 

WSBA comp 1 Lucy Kineton

WSBA20 COMP 1 winner gracie

Competition 2: Well done to Hannah from Alcester Academy, who wrote an alternative to ‘Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow’, with a lovely twist at the end where the narrator was actually an older Hafiz, talking to his grandchildren about Stevie.

Wsba20 comp 2 winner Hannah

Competition 3: Congratulations to Jacob from Hartshill School for his succinct and thoughtful blog about the Award.Jacob

Day 5: Warwickshire Secondary Book Awards - Your Winner!

We really hope you have enjoyed the week of videos from all the wonderful shortlisted authors. We hope you agree that they were a fantastic selection of books that were inspiring, challenging and made you think. Above all, we hope you enjoyed reading them as much as we did!

A video message from your winning author:

Thank you again to everyone for all your support. We wish you good health, happy times and lots of opportunities for you to read for pleasure in these extraordinary times.