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Useful Items to Buy

Items to help you with your general library maintenance:

Two A3 Posters: A colour coded chart listing the main subject areas in each Dewey Decimal Class and a 'How to find a non-fiction book poster
Cost: £10 for both items
Please email us for more information: schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk

Finding a non-fiction book posterDewey Poster Example


Library Spine Labels: Mainly used within primary schools, each colour represents a different Decimal Dewey Class. (We can provide you with all of the colours shown within the Decimal Dewey poster pictured above.)
Cost: 75p for each sheet (ten labels)

Please email us for more information about these: schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk

Spine Label Example

Reading Support Pack:
Reading Support Pack Example

Full of ideas for making the most of picture books to encourage the development of reading for pleasure and related skills, such as visual literacy and creativity. This pack can be sent to you electronically or printed versions are also available - please get in touch with us if you would like further information or to see a few samples.

 Please get in touch if you would like to know more: schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk 



A Selection of Our Resources

We have a vast collection of artefacts, photo packs, whiteboard resources and story-sacks here at WSLS, here is a small selection of our favourites:
Artefacts to Support Curriculum Topics:
Artefacts Images 1

Artefact Image 2
White Board Resources:
Whiteboard Resources Image

Story Sack Collections:

StorySack Images

Empathy and Wellbeing

Recent studies have shown that reading for pleasure builds empathy and improves wellbeing. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another and helps us to connect to each other. When we identify with a book character we learn to see things from other points of view.

Here at SLS we have been developing our resources so we can provide you with fantastic books and artefacts to promote mental health and wellbeing with your pupils. 

We have lots of non fiction books looking at feelings, self esteem, confidence and mental health.  We have new picture books that cover topics such as depression, being different and how we feel.  We have recently added conversation cubes and How We Feel prompt cards to our collection, and of course there is our huge range of junior and teen fiction that covers a wide range of different mental health topics. You can find out more about our 'Feel Good Reads' here

For more information about requesting and accessing these resources please contact us on schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk or 01926 413461

Useful Resources for Learning at Home

Our team at Warwickshire Schools Library Service have been putting together some really lovely resources for our schools.
Here is a topic card that we have put together specifically for VE Day:
VE Day
We have been particularly thinking about useful resources for learning at home and for those that may not always have access to digital content. We wanted to share some of that with you here: 

Topic Card Tree

Useful Resources for Learning at Home  Useful Resources for Learning at Home   Useful Resources for Learning at Home  Useful Resources for Learning at Home                         

Useful Resources for Learning at Home  Useful Resources for Learning at Home   Useful Resources for Learning at Home  Useful Resources for Learning at Home  
Please click on the thumbnail images to open larger PDFs of these files, for you to print, save, share with each other. Our subscribers will also find Topic Card resources on a specific area of out website. 

Robin Hood MAT LogoWe have also contributed reading-based activities and resource links to learning projects being compiled by a Birmingham-based Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) @RobinHoodTrust  We are really pleased to have worked with them to add reading support to the next lot of #TheLearningProjects that are being made available to any school that wishes to use them. 

The full learning projects will be available from: www.robinhoodmat.co.uk/learning-projects

The projects, created by Robin Hood MAT, cover the whole curriculum and will provide parents overseeing their children’s home learning with a range of activities for primary-school-aged children over an eight-week period. The Trust, based in Hall Green, Birmingham, previously created projects for use by parents and other schools for the first 8 weeks after the lockdown began. These went on to be shared widely across social media and used by more than 200 schools and local authorities across the UK. Contributions to the projects have also been made by the York-based STEM Learning organisation.

Our Bespoke Book Selection Service

Use our expert knowledge to find the books that you need for your pupils. We can suggest and select resources to support many areas including: 
Accelerated Reader sets
Guided reading
Class reading sets
Books to support well-being and mental health
Reading supports for specific age groups and reading levels
Get in touch to give us an idea of what you are looking for and we will do the work for you!


Votes for Women!

The year 2018 marked 100 years since the Representation of the People Act 1918 which gave women over the age of 30 the right to vote.

We can help you celebrate here at SLS with a fantastic selection of books about Women's Suffrage, Voting and Political Systems and books about famous women past and present.

Grace Darling, Emily Davison and Rosa Parks are just a few of the Great Women who have changed the world and contributed to History.

Email us at schoolslibraryservice@warwickshire.gov.uk to enquire about our subscription choices.

Local Author Pool


local author pool

Warwickshire Local Author Pool 2022

We are delighted to offer schools in Warwickshire information about a range of local authors and storytellers who are experienced in running sessions in schools. The authors have been approached by us to be included, based on our experience of working with them in the past in our public libraries and with schools. The information given is designed to enable schools to work directly with an author to arrange sessions to suit their needs.

Information is given in a standard format to help schools decide who might be most suited, and the author’s preferred direct contact details are given. Where the author has a website the link is also given and you can find out more from that. Most are published authors, a few are professional storytellers, but all offer rich experiences to school students to help enhance their understanding of the written word and the world of books.

young girl readingPlease note the following which clarifies our role in this process.
Warwickshire SLS is pleased to suggest local authors and storytellers to run sessions in schools.
All included authors are known to us and are endorsed by us as reliable and competent for the task.
Schools make their own arrangements directly with the authors to come into their school and must pay the author’s fee and expenses as outlined in the information about individual authors.
All arrangements must be confirmed directly with the author.

Warwickshire SLS:
does not receive any pecuniary reward for running this pool.
cannot enter into any negotiations for these authors to come into individual schools.
will seek to ensure information about the authors is up-to-date.
welcomes feedback from schools and authors on any aspect of the process in order to ensure it is as useful as possible for schools and for the authors themselves.